Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Hi, my name is Veronika, busy mom of two baby girls, not a fitness freak, just a regular mom like you. I want to share my experience and tips how I lose baby weight.

I lost 84 pounds of my pregnancy weight in 6 months after baby delivery – here are easy to follow steps how I did it (and you can do it too):

Start here!

I lose baby weight with home workout Focus T25
Losing baby weight with home workout Focus T25

The goal of I Lose Baby Weight blog is to help you with your postpartum weight loss effort. I did it and you can do it too!

Let me show you step by step how to lose weight after pregnancy effectively, fast and healthy.

You need to eat well and start to move.

1. Healthy Well Balanced Diet

Find out what to eat and how much.

Proper food plays big role in weight loss effort. As a nursing mom, I studied a lot what a proper diet for losing weight while breastfeeding should be.

“Diet” here doesn’t mean some strict meal plan for couple months where you would suffer by hunger or eating unappetizing meals. What I am talking about is the change of the life style and eating habits. I would like to show you the health benefits of home cooked meals and that healthy food can be tasty too!

And healthy doesn’t mean just fish or chicken, there is much more variety!

Get inspired by our recipes and prepared meal plans which are great for the whole family (safe for the kids too).

Healthy breakfast recipes Healthy snack recipes Healthy lunch recipes Healthy dinner recipes
breakfasts snacks lunches dinners

2. Be Active With Focus T25

You don’t need to travel to the gym and spent there hours of hard work every day. Start weight loss with home workout video Focus T25.

It is meant for busy people and each session takes only 25 minutes. As every mom knows time is something precious when taking care of babies.

You can read my in depth T25 review where I describe how the workout might be adjusted to the people in bad physical fitness. When I started the program (6 weeks after baby delivery) I was 60 pounds overweight and had zero stamina.

I wrote also weekly reports showing the details of the whole experience from this T25 Challenge (including wins but also difficulties such as breaking the diet rules).

And finally, I share these amazing results on T25 Challenge page. Not only “before” and “after” photos and measurements, but also all the results during the whole weight loss process.

Disclosure: this article contains an affiliate link which means that I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking this link. There is no additional cost to you. This is the way you can support my effort to build this website full of free information. Please note that I will never recommend any product just because I want small referral fee. I have personal experience with this product, I am highly satisfied by it and would recommend it to my best friend with no doubt.

11 thoughts on “Losing Weight After Pregnancy

  1. I have packed on a whopping 60lbs. and have got to start loosing. I am coming off of a 2 yr. battle with afib..but got a good bill of health from heart dr. couple weeks ago. I had two heart ablations in 2014 and it appears as the last one has worked. I am not sure how your program works but would like to discuss and how much is your plan. Thanks for your time. Riki

    1. Hi Riki, thanks for stopping by at our blog. It is good to hear your health is better now and you want to lose the weight.

      I share here on the blog my experience, so if you want you can try to do what worked for me. There are basically only to simple steps – eating well (the most important thing) and do some activity (which helps with weight loss too). I made a simple guide here where you can find healthy meal plan for couple days including shopping list (what food to buy). This is completely free.

      Then there is workout – I bought home workout T25 and it worked for me very well. You can read my review of the program here http://www.ilosebabyweight.com/focus-t25-review-of-weight-loss-exercise/ . But before you start be sure to consult it with your doctor!

      I hope you can get some inspiration from our blog, we create this for you! Let me know if you need more help.

  2. Hey Veronika

    I am really impressed with your work. From many times, I am looking for losing weight because I have gained a lot after a baby birth.

    I am also doing regular exercises. A good health care plan is very much important and a great way to ensure to your health on regular basis. This will definitely help to lose your weight and help to have fit and healthy body.

    You have mentioned very useful and easy ways…

    Thanks for sharing 

  3. Veronika,

    I would say amazing blog. I totally agree with you that Proper food plays big role in weight loss effort.


  4. Hello Veronica,
    Fantastic post!
    As you said, Healthy and well balanced diet is the key. I believe it is really important to distinguish between a healthy diet and a goal orientated diet.
    You can follow a goal orientated diet that is completely unhealthy (this is the case of diets that eliminate carbs, or are based on an extremely low caloric ingestion, in order to lose weight).
    You can follow a healthy diet and be unsuccessful in achieving your physical transformation goal. (A diet that replaces starchy carbohydrates (such as rice, oats, and bread) with good fats (avocado, nuts) and fruits, won’t make you lose weight).

    Regards !

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